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About Us

"Grounded in tradition, but not bound by it"

Bold, vibrant Piccini is classic fun. Born of a wild hair from great, great grandfather Angiolo, Piccini is four generations of passionate people upholding a tradition of fine winemaking while upending wine culture. Let’s face it, wine culture is stuffy, dusty and oh so boring. That’s not us. With a light hearted and charming personality, we’re sparking a culture of ‘la dolce vita’ and this time it’s orange. Dynamic, passionate and contemporary – and explicitly unafraid – we are the life and soul of the party. Grounded in tradition but not bound by it, we are the story of four generations of family winemaking in Italy. We have created wines that not only taste Italian beyond any doubt, but feel Italian.

Redefining Italian wine since 1882, Piccini is now poised to inspire a new generation to play with their wine. From edgy art happenings, to outdoor cinema, to picnics with friends – Piccini will be there coloring their world a shade more fun. "It is not how much you do, but how much passion you put in the doing."

Who wants to be part of it? Let it in.